I see you’ve found Krystle In Bed, Welcome!

This is a sex-positive site, which means it is loaded with information about how to embrace, explore, share, and educational lessons about your sexuality and desires.

You will find reviews on sex toys, books, and events Krystle attends relating to positive sexuality. Krystle in Bed also questions and comes up with answers for relationship dynamics and everyday scenarios people might come across who are dating, married, single, monogamous or polyamorous.

Krystle is a sex educator and welcomes everyone into her bed space. She believes there is so much to explore and nobody should be ashamed of their sexual desires, fantasies, or ideas.

Krystle In Bed is a judge-free zone. You are welcomed to ask questions, give feedback, and disagree with the information provided, without feeling ashamed.

Have fun embracing your sexuality and desires, and enjoy your time in bed with Krystle.


Krystle Out of Bed:

Between  June 1st and September 1st: Krystle In Bed will be contributing weekly posts to Pretty Pink Lotus Summer 18′ Sex Bloggers Challenge. They are published on the blog first and shared across all of Krystle In Bed’s social media platforms. If you would like to check any of them out, the following is the first of the many posts to come: Masturbating Next to My Sleeping Husband

Completed a 60-hour sex-ed training with San Francisco Sex Information, you can read all about her experience here.

If you want to learn how you can work with Krystle, or get your advertisement onto the site check out Work With Me or if you are interested in how to support me through commission you can simply buy me a coffee.

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